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Did Tao seriously say that he’d want to take his girlfriend to Qingdao? Oh my God. OH MY GOD. Taohun heaven indeed. 

Also that weird Kai-Tao, uhm, dance move in MV. What. Why.

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Artist Creates ‘Decaying’ Paintings As Visual Representation Of Neglect

by Valerie Hegarty

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Khattin Valery


[MUSIC VIDEO] Block B(블락비) - JACKPOT(잭팟)


What a week.

I think I just died a little, oh my god, that perfect Tao at 1:07. And 0:35 song is sooooo beautiful. Everything is beautiful and it’s getting even more so each time I replay.

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12x18, available at Anime North

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I wish it was all just an absurd fairy tale. 

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Spectrum 21, End of the End of Everything

Victo Ngai

I am very honored to have 8 pieces be selected into this year’s Spectrum 21 illustration Annual

Among them is a new piece called “End of the End of Everything” for Tor.com. It has also been selected into Communication Arts 22 Illustration Annual. The illustration is for a wonderfully scary horror novelette by Dale Bailey. It sets in pre apocalyptic earth and the stories revolves around suicidal parties, libertine orgies and amputation performance art. I don’t think I have ever been so shaken by a short story like I was by this one. 

The Tiger Beer art is nominated as one of the medal finalist in advertisement category, woohoo! 

My big thanks to the judges and congrats to all the winner. Thanks again to my art directors Aviva Michaelov (NYTimes), SooJin Buzelli (PLANSPONSOR), Irene Gallo (Tor), Jordan Awan(New Yorker), April Montgomery (Computer World) and Dylan Davies (Rothco)!